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Biscuit Making

Sweet biscuits are commonly eaten as a snack food, and are, in general, made with wheat flour or oats, and sweetened with sugar or honey. Varieties may contain chocolate, fruit, jam, nuts, ginger or even be used to sandwich other fillings.

Unit / equipment / kit associated:

Serial no. Machine Description
a. Planetary  Mixer
b. Deck Oven
c. Stainless Steel Table
d. Band Sealer for Packing
e. Trays
f. Moulds
g. SS Roller
h. Gloves & Knives

Scope of employment per unit: 4 people



The SME development and job creation programmes of Republic of Rwanda aim to create 3.2 million off-farm jobs by the year 2020.

The challenging task is to create 200,000 new jobs every year taking into consideration the present scenarios.

Sector Wise Development shall assure the success. We are willing to partner with the agencies which have the similar mandate and capability to create enterprises.

Paul Kagame,
President of Rwanda

We have signed anMoU with Local Enterprises and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP) to start its operations in Rwanda.

The programme which will be undertaken in collaboration with The Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Government of the Republic of Rwanda based in Kigali seeks to provide training and skills development to youth to help reduce unemployment.

François Kanimba,
Ministry of Trade and Industry

The youth of Burkina Faso would get lot of benefit from handholding endeavor. Not only it would imbibe confidence in the youth but also it would make them self reliant and enterprising. We are also looking forward to train at least 60% of the young women population.

President of BurkIna Faso

We have signed two grant agreements for the benefit of Burkina Faso in New Delhi wherein the first is an act of donation and consists of a large consignment of equipment worth consisting 100 sewing machines, 100 kits for mobile repairing workshop and 100 first aid kits. This would pave the path youth of Burkina Faso towards entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Mr. IdrissRaoua,
Ambassador, Ouecraogo

For us, transfer of technology is of paramount importance, which is justified by the presence of a congenial environment in our country wherein we welcome LESDeP and we believe that with this strategic and symbolic act of partnership, the cooperation between our country and India will be improved and consolidated. I would like to welcome LESDEP in Cameroon to invest in small and medium enterprises and assure them that the Government is taking every possible step under new legislative and regulatory framework and it is very beneficial for all of us as we wish the operations that you are going to carry with us will result in great success.

Philemon Yang,
Le Premier Vin'stre, Camroon

The MOU which we have just signed between LESDEP and Cameroon is the fruit of cooperation which took place few months ago. As we know that Prime Minister visited India with a large Cameroonian delegation and because of the contacts forged by Cameroonian operators, This alliance is formed which will therefore benefit in entrepreneurship training, technology transfer and business. Today LESDEP, our Indian partners came to our country to teach the art of entrepreneurship to Cameroonian youth in different areas. We hope that this cooperation will flourish to reinforce the goal of development of our country and especially of the entry in the module that makes the development of our country.

Laurent Serge EtoundiNgoa,
Minister of SMEs, Social Economy and Handicrafts

Let me first extend my sincere thanks to LESDEP Group has enabled 90 young men from and Niamey, Tilaberi and Dosso to acquire skills in this growing sector of the mobile phone. This falls within the framework of the implementation of an agreement signed between LESDEP and the Ministry of Professional and Technical Training, setting the framework for cooperation between the two parties in the transfer of technology promoting the employability of young people and women of Niger. The second phase devoted to the generalization of this approach across other parts of the country through the creation of several LESDEP centers for the training of 10,000 other young people in various modules. We are looking forward to it and we assure that the government will always at disposal to support LESDEP and provide all professional, social insertion with the support of our various partners.

The Honourable Nana N'gadeHadizaNoma Kaka
Minister of Department of Training and Employment, Republic of Niger

The strategy of professionalizing training of short duration is a strong response to the social demand for training and integration of young boys and girls and it fits perfectly with the policy choices defined by our Government in particular for youth development , the fight against poverty and for the development of human resources through the promotion and development of education and training. Dear young people you will be given earlier a training certificate and a start up kits. You would be trained not only in technical skills but also the entrepreneurship.

S.E.M. MahamadouIssoufou,
President, Republic of Niger

We have made a decision that the Republic of Niger would implement several measures to alleviate and empower youth of Niger especially women to secure the future of our proud nation. Collaborating with LESDEP would make sure that the young people have developed technical skills and professionals in each sector and have the starter kits and equipment to be the master of their destiny. I am very delighted with the LESDEP Niger program which is in line with the vision of creating jobs for the youth of our nation.

First Lady of the Republic of Niger and President of the Foundation Tattali-Iyali

Rwanda News

On a Special Invitation of Hon. Minister, Mr. Francis Kanimba, Minister of Trade and Industry, Rwanda, our Team LESDEP arrived in Rwanda on April 30, 2013.

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Senegal News

LESDEP is going to sign an MOU with ADEPME to start a skill centre in Kaolack, Senegal in partnership wherein Indocorp will bring machines and train the beneficiaries. LESDEP will provide certificates to the trainees after successful accomplishment of training.

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Niger News

Successful Graduation Ceremony was conducted in Niamey, Niger on November 15th, 2013 and was presided over by His Excellency, the Minister of Vocational and Technical Training at the Issa Beri Vocational and Technical Training Institute ground.

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First lady of Republic of Niger

On a special invitation of the First Lady of the Republic of Niger Excellency Dr. Malika Issoufou Mahamadou, Mr. Rohit Khattar, CEO of Springboard and LESDEP visited Niger from Saturday, 13th April 2013 to Monday 15th April 2013.

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LESDEP, a skill development initiative of KS Unite, emanates from public-private partnership under the auspices of the relevant ministry of Vocational training, skill development,youth mpowerment, human resource and rural development that seek to facilitate the acquisition of technical and entrepreneurial skills among the youth within the country.

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